In design/build projects, client’s contract directly with a single entity to provide both design and construction services. Design/build services may be provided by a single firm, a team of experts or as a joint venture and can offer clients with a number of advantages. Planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities are integrated under one single source, thereby facilitating project delivery by streamlining the overall process. Design/build project success is accomplished by applying a comprehensive project team management delivery system.

Our Construction team’s experience covers a broad range of professional services, from consulting and feasibility studies, to the complete design, engineering and construction expertise to fully implement a project. The planners, designers, engineers and builders work in concert throughout the entire project towards the common goal of providing a quality product at a competitive price. With design/build, Think Terra Limited has responsibility for all building elements. Under this delivery system, the client contracts us for the services that are to be rendered. And we, in turn are contractually obligated for everything.

We assume total responsibility for the design, engineering and management of the plans. If there are glitches along the way as a result of mistakes in the drawings, we have the responsibility to fix them. We coordinate and supervise all members of the construction team to ensure quality construction that is delivered on time and within budget. The design organization and construction team work together during initial planning to spearhead substantial schedule savings through the overlap of design with construction. With design/build, the client not only gets the construction services he wants, he gets the peace of mind.

If design/build delivers peace of mind, then full service (turn-key) really lets the client sleep well at night. Full service covers the whole program. This not only includes design and building of the project, it also encompasses design, procurement, installation and startup of all manufacturing processes and equipment. As with design/build, the architect, engineers and all subcontractors report directly to Think Terra Limited. We assume total responsibility for getting the project done.