Pre-Construction Services

Our approach offers a controlled, effective use of preconstruction resources
consistent with the progress required to acquire government approvals
needed to complete the project on time and under budget.


Design/Build Services

Planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities are
integrated under one single source, thereby facilitating project
delivery by streamlining the overall process.


Environmental Planning &

We provide stand-alone shaping, planning and environmental
services, as well as being able to fully integrate with our engineering
design offering. This approach improves environmental, social
and economic outcomes.


Project Management Services

We analyze and make recommendations, providing a best case
scenario to the client to aid in the decision making process and
ensuring that the contractors on site utilize an acceptable
means and methods while executing.


We deliver world-class facility-related services with the highest quality workmanship possible…

Think Terra Limited is a 21st-century company that prides itself in its highly effective and streamlined methodology for conducting business. Think Terra Limited is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Think Terra Limited articulates effectively the different knowledge of construction, environmental design/planning/engineering, and environmental management systems.

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Serving our Clients by listening,
understanding and producing added value.

Embracing change through constant learning,
feedback and continuous improvement.

Our construction team ensures quality construction that is delivered on time and within budget.

We deliver world-class
facility-related services…

with the highest quality workmanship possible through our commitment to a firm work ethics and staying current with newest innovation for our client’s success.


Our preconstruction schedule serves as the road map for design, development and decisions.


Providing added value to clients with ability to self-perform structural and architectural concrete work.


Researching and understanding environmental impacts for infrastructural projects and investments.


Ensuring our clients gets all necessary coordination to deliver the project on time, on schedule and on budget.